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    Setting Out To Sea


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    Setting Out To Sea Empty Setting Out To Sea

    Post by Mack on Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:23 pm

    Lucas woke up this morning and knew immediately that today was the day. There was nothing special about it. No birthday, no family fights, just a strong feeling that it was today. Soon as he got up he went and got the boat his family used for fishing. It wasn't the giant man of war he would have eventually but it would do for now. After undoing the knot that kept it tied to the docks he gave the boat a little push and jumped in. The boat almost capsized from the sudden action but managed to stay afloat.

    Sadly odds were he would be floating in the middle of the ocean for awhile. His home after all, was placed in the middle of nowhere. Nothing like his birthplace that was constantly seeing tourist and various people seeking to be trained. To top it all off his current place barely had fifty people in it. There were about four kids but none his age. On the bright side it prepared him for the longer, less entertaining trips between islands.

    After about a hour or two of drifting wherever the ocean took him things started to get entertaining. A pirate ship was sailing in the distance with a marine ship closing in fast. The pirate ship was far smaller but could not shake the larger marine ship and was, sadly, sunk quickly.

    "It's definitely going to be an interesting time." Lucas said aloud to himself.


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