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    Monetary (money) System


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    Monetary (money) System Empty Monetary (money) System

    Post by Mack on Sat Mar 08, 2014 8:30 pm

    Right now the monetary system works like this. Everyone starts off with 2,500 beli. For every sentence you post you get 100 beli. So when you post 100 sentences you would get 10,000 beli. This is just for normal people though aka those not in crews, branches, etc. Those in a crew or part of a marine branch get 150 beli a sentence. So if they were to post 100 sentences they would have 15,000 beli. Then there are the leaders of crews and marine branches. These people earn a full 200 beli per sentence. When they post 100 sc they get 20,000 beli.

    If you wondering what this money will be used for then here's your answer. Soon there will be an item shop coming. It will sell ships, upgrades for ships, swords, devil fruits (both real and artificial) and much more. Crews and individuals alike will have to buy these ships and items to be able to use them.

    There will also be a trade market where you can sell items, ships, and fruits to others at any price you want. However keep in mind that selling at prices higher than the item market probably won't get you any sales.

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