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    Individual Ships:
    Small Fishing Boat-This is the basic boat that everyone can afford from the beginning. You won't really be able to afford any other ships in the beginning and can't set sell without one. It costs 2,000 beli.

    One Man War Ship- This ship is top of the line and is of much higher quality than the Small Fishing Boat. Coming with a cannon on it it packs serious fire power for a small individual ship. It costs 75,000 beli.

    One Man War Submarine- This ship is on par with, if not above, the One Man War Ship but in a different way. It's pretty useless on the surface but when it goes underwater it's a force to be reckoned with. It comes with a torpedo launcher and costs 80,000 beli.

    Crew Ships:
    Basic Ship- This ship is just your basic ship really. Nothing special no cannons or anything. However if you think you're setting sail with a crew then your gonna need this to start. Fits up to ten people. It costs 50,000 beli.

    Large Ship- This ship is much larger and comes with a mounted cannon on each side of the ship (Literally side not front not back). This fits way more people on it. Up to fifteen people can be on at once. Costs 80,000 beli.

    Man of War-This ship is your average warship. It has two mounted cannons on the sides and one on the front and back. Fits up to twenty and cost 100,000 beli.

    Large Man of War- State of the art warship. Has four cannons on each side two in front and two in back. Can fit up to thirty people and cost 175,000 beli.

    Ship Upgrades-

    Ship Upgrades:
    Cannon- This should be self explanatory. It's a cannon. Put it where you want. Costs 2,000 beli.

    Motorized Paddles- Give your ship a major speed boost by putting these motorized paddles on the bottom of your ship. This can only be added on crew ships and each has a limit to paddles it can have. Each motorized paddle cost 10,000 beli and additional 10 sentences per paddle for install time.

    Ship Coat- You need this if you plan on going underwater without a submarine. Cost 5,000 beli and an additional 10 sentences for install time.



    Basic Sword- Simple blade nothing special no stat boost. Costs 500 beli.
    Dagger- Shorter reach but way quicker and lighter than any normal sword. Adds 1 to speed and cost 1500 beli.


    Pistol- A basic pistol nothing special about it. Cost is 500 beli.
    Rifle- The basic rifle nothing unique. Cost is 700 beli.
    Demi Cannon- A one-handed cannon that requires high strength to wield. 20 strength needed and costs 2100 beli.
    Bazooka- A bazooka (what's to explain). You need 15 strength pick it up though. The cost is 2800 beli.

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