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    Adventure in Dawn Island

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    Adventure in Dawn Island Empty Adventure in Dawn Island

    Post by Monkey D. Sasuke on Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:07 pm


    For three of days, the young aspiring bounty hunter sails alone in his small fishing boat, out in the open sea. With decent navigation skills, he stays on course toward a fixed destination. On the way, he begins to discover the capabilities of his new power, which he deliberately gained by eating the Pika Pika no mi, the rare logia devil fruit that his father had saved for him. Upon eating the fruit, he began a Man of Light, giving his body the properties and abilities of light. This frightening new power would aid him in his journey and help him to achieve his selfish goals of revenge. Albert knew that if he trained this new power enough, he'd be an unstoppable force and a threat to all pirates. Excited, he begins to try and learn about his new capabilities on his way to the island marked on his map.

    On the first day, he first discovered the most obvious feature, which he knew about before eating the fruit, because it was a Logia. His body was given the properties of light, and was able to become a bright yellow light itself. However, this transformation was quite random, as Al could not yet control what part of his body became light and how brightly it shone. When he concentrated, a random part of his body would glow at a random brightness and for a random amount of time. On the second day of his "training", Albert gained a little more control over he location of his transformation. Although he could not purposefully turn a specific part of his body into light, the part that did transform would be closer to the part he concentrated on. On the third day, he got even more control over location, and was even successful a few times in willingly getting a part of his body to transform. He also gained a little more control over brightness. The young bounty hunter was surely making quite rapid progress in getting to know his devil fruit.

    "Finally here," Albert says to himself happily as he spots an island in the distance.

    Albert Blood


    Strength: 10
    Speed: 15
    Stamina: 6
    Intelligence: 9
    Perception: 10

    N/A (Bounty Hunter)

    13,100 beli

    Items Bought
    Small Fishing Boat

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