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    Exploring the Remnants of War

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    Exploring the Remnants of War Empty Exploring the Remnants of War

    Post by Kaycee the Bolt on Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:28 pm

    It had been a day since Nina last changed course to go away from Punk Hazard. Now that she was more in the clear of being away from her former captain, she had decided to form her own crew that would be traveling all around the Grand Line. Maybe even the other seas out there. Evidently, this wasn't a firm plan, but it had been building up to one. Sure, the path to the greatest treasure was far, but perhaps one piece of it would go to this crew. The Pack of the Storm pirates. Nina promised herself that she would be leading her growing crew through the most wonderful adventure that they could ever have. And a promise was a promise. One that could not be broken until death.

    While still being the one to navigate through the Grand Line, Nina took a peek at the map she used ever so often. "Well, well. It seems we've made it to the place where an old war took place. And from the looks of it, we won't have to worry about being in any rough business with anyone. Pirate crews or Marine ships. It's smooth sailing for today, Aiden. And we will be able to practice some new moves to prepare ourselves for what comes ahead," Nina spoke with authority. The ship was eventually anchored in the middle of the cold waters and this allowed for free movement around the ship. "We may be out in the open, but I'm certain that we will be fine." She paused a moment as a large splash of water caught her attention. It came from the east, so the captain stepped over to the ship's railing and peered out to see what was going on. Again, a splash, but this time she had caught sight of what was just in this part of the area. "I never would've thought it. Well, I guess we can really expect anything out here. And well, we are running kinda low on food. Fish does sound really good right now."

    Nina unzipped her jacket some to relieve her neck of fuzzy heat and one of her swords, the Yubashiri, had been drawn. Right at that moment did a large tuna jump from the water and right over the ship's deck. She took this as the chance to strike and so, Nina jumped into the air to confront this big fish and her blade skewered it through the main body. Not a second later did she slice it in half to save a trip back down to the safe grounds of the ship along with the caught food. "This will definitely last a whole 3 days. Better get this in the freezer before all of it spoils. Once we are both officially hungry, it's dinner time."

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