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    Blakdeath's promotion Empty Blakdeath's promotion

    Post by Blakdeath on Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:19 pm

    Walking in with his head down Drake was ashamed of his defeat at the hands of pirates but he did bring in many other pirates to be put to death. Lines of pirates were being lined up to be sent to Impel Down for their sentencing. It was just the fact that he allowed those two captains escape him after that long of a fight with them. He at least had video evidence of their strength so he could give them a bounty once he got the chance to. Then a Marine walked up to him and held out a letter to him from the headquarters known as Marineford. "Sir this might make you cheer up a little more. Trust me its from the Fleet Admiral himself." Drake reached out to the letter and snatched as fast as he could and opened it quickly. Once he opened it he then got his notice that he was to relocate to Marineford for further training right away. This next part was one that he wasn't expecting but he got promoted to Petty Officer. He then stood up and began to walk to the docks to leave right away and the Marine that gave him the letter walked with him. "Good luck sir, may you serve us well from Headquarters and catch those pirates." Drake then stepped onto his ship to take him to Marineford and then he smiled and held his fist into the air. "The next time this Marine Base sees me i shall be an even stronger Marine!" He then listened to the cheer of the men as he then walked onto the ship and took a seat on the deck. Once on the deck the men began to yell that they were setting sail and to prepare to head to Headquarters.

    Drake then stood up and walked to his quarters where he was going to sleep so he could think on what all happened with those pirates earlier today. Being an untrained Marine there wasn't much he could do but now was the time to take care of things. He was happy about his promotion to Petty Officer as that meant more perks to him as a Marine. First things first though, he had to think of a bounty to place on those two pirates. "There has to be a way for me to take them on no matter what it takes to win. But what is it." Those powers Luke Morgan had were over the top power wise, Drake couldn't fight him. Zeo Teach was weak and easily defeated but he was sure after a while he will become a threat as well. This all was a matter on getting a bounty on them and killing them once and for all. The ship then left port and put down its sails as it began to sail out into the deep blue sea. This trip was going to make him stronger to fight those two, ending this war with pirates once and for all.

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