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    the story so far

    monkey.d luffy( gen)
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    the story so far Empty the story so far

    Post by monkey.d luffy( gen) on Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:11 pm

    the story starts 100 years after the death of luffy and crew and him finding the one piece thus becoming the king of pirates.after the death, the marines started taking over as they sped there evil kind of justice all over the world,if a pirate or anyone that they saw as a threat tried to raise they would be killed,but there was one pirate that rose up to try to stop the marines but he was eventually caught and was killed,but in his dying breath said there was a treasure even bigger than the one piece and was just setting there some where in the grand line just waiting for the picking,so now the new age of pirates had come and people went off from all over to chase their dream of fame and fortune.

    free Rome arc: darkness raises
    after the marines defeat. the 7 war lords and the yonko suddenly disbanded,thus they was no more, but after 100 years they started to come from the shadows, but only 2 shukibaki come into light,while one took a yonko spot. nothing yet is known about any of the three. but in the mean time,three new captains came onto the scene. the captain of the morgan pirates. captain of the red scar pirates and last the captain of the black coat pirates.mean while in the marine headquarters, drake norman was raising in ranks. and while all this was going on, in the shadows rose a man who goes by snake,he took Basque works and revived them,so far they have not done nothing,but just there shadow was starting to leak back to the world.

    by this point many island was being controlled by both pirates and marine.

    arc rules:
    must know in character first that island needs help before you help.

    pirates can take over from enemy,and free island { like white beard} or they can take it over from enemy to control . but you must defeat enemy. marines can also save islands from pirates or save the island from there own.( like captain axe hand morgan), or they can be evil and take over. some islands or peaceful and are run by low rank people. if one was a marine they could post re leaving the lower rank and taking over.

    the boss of each island takes 100 sc to beat. and 50 sc to beat there first and second mate.

    islands that's took over:

    when it comes to the names you can just come up with your own as well as the fighting style. now as they are npc im gonna change some things regarding there rank and level that goes with them. once you start fighting i shall then post in how strong they are in stats.

    warship island in east blue: marine captain level 30
    Commander: level 25
    Lieutenant Commander: level 15

    Conomi Islands in east blue: pirate captain: level 25
    first mate: 15
    second mate: level 12

    Lvneel in north blue: marine Ensign: level 25
    Warrant Officer:level 20
    Master Chief Petty Officer:level 15

    micqueot in north blue: pirate captain: level 15
    first mate: 13
    second mate: 10

    las camp in west blue: marines captain level 25
    Lieutenant Junior Grade:20
    Ensign: level 15

    Toroa in west blue: pirate captain: level 30
    first mate: 25
    second mate: 15

    briss kingdom in south blue: marine Commander: level 30
    Lieutenant Commander: level 25
    Lieutenant: level 20

    Karate Island in south blue: pirate captain level 30
    first mate: level 25
    second mate: level 15

    drum island in grandline: pirate captain: level 40
    first mate: level 30
    second mate: level 25

    Machine Island in grandline: marine Commodore level 35
    captain:level 30
    Lieutenant: level 25

    Punk Hazard in new world: Rear Admiral: level 50
    captain: level 30
    Lieutenant:level 20

    Dressrosa in new world: pirate captain level 50
    first mate: 35
    second mate:25

    monkey.d luffy( gen)
    monkey.d luffy( gen)

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    the story so far Empty Re: the story so far

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