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    Post by Brook on Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:03 am

    Zeo Teach is the current Captain and Commander of Division 1 of the Red Scar Pirates which originated from the West Blue. He is also a former crew member of the All Bone Crew formed by the former Straw Hat Pirate and acting Captain of the Rumbar Pirates, Brook. After his conquest on Dressrosa, he was made a Yonko by the World Government after his slaughter of the Donquixote Family and other world nobles who were visiting the island.

    At the start of his adventure from the West Blue until he reached Water 7, he was said to hold an appearance very similar to Trafalgar Law from during his early sailing years. He had a few differences from that man of course in terms of looks. Zeo lacked the tattoos and the hat since he always believed hats to be a mechanism to contain the mind.

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