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    The moment of wakening: Zeo's revenge


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    The moment of wakening: Zeo's revenge Empty The moment of wakening: Zeo's revenge

    Post by Brook on Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:23 pm

    Arriving on Dressrosa, Zeo and his crew got off the ship and stood on the docks waiting for the right moment to strike. With their ship being hidden behin the main docks it was perfectly secured to strike down this country. Zeo turned to his men and saw that the town went completely dark as it was midnight meaning curfew. With a short burst of words he then spoke to his crew giving the major order. "Attack the main palace on that hill over there. The rest are civilians who will not put up much of a fight. Now go!" As the men took off Zeo followed right behind him with a swift pace. While running he drew out his swords and prepared to mount an attack. When out of no where he felt a blacking out coming on and he knew that it was bad news. Out of no where he blacked out and the memories began to pour out of him once again.

    (11 Years ago, Dressrosa, New World. March 23rd)

    "Slavery, just what is this? Why must i be forced into this slavery at my age? I was living a normal life where i was. I cannot help but cry every night until i pass out from hunger. What is it that i am supposed to do? I'm just a kid after all...."

    A slam of a door sounded from across the room as a large man walked into the room. Taking a deep breath the man spoke out as loudly as he could. "Zeo! Have you done your work today?!" This was Zeo's master who bossed him around from the moment the sun rose til it set. Zeo shook himself up out of his chair, as he startled up he spoke softly with fear in his voice. "No master, I was just taking a short break sir." Zeo said this with his head down. His master wasn't very pleased with what he just heard Zeo say to him. Reaching over to his right the man grabbed a whip and whipped the ground near Zeo's feet. He had a stern look on his face as he yelled at him even more. "Then what are you doing sitting around! Get moving or i shall be forced to whip you a good one boy!" Zeo got up and ran away as quickly as he could before the man could whip him again.

    Walking around the court yard with a broom he continuously swept the floor as he went about his chores. This is the Dressrosa kingdom ruled by the Donquixote Family. These people were horrible people treating even their own people as slaves. Life was said to be better than this before this family came around. One pirate crew alliance managed to nearly end their rein and that was the Heart & Straw Hat Alliance. They defeated the leader of the family at the time and sent him packing. During that time the land was truly peaceful for that time period as we were protected by the Straw Hats. It was only five years after the straw hat crew vanished the the family came back with a new leader and took back Dressrosa. These people were even worse than the original leader and his crew from back then. It was hard to believe at the time but things actually got worse.

    It just so happened to be Zeo's tenth birthday today. However for a slave to even celebrate one little thing is forbidden here. This kingdom has gotten really strict with its way of life. It was now if you weren't a World Noble you were a nobody. That exactly is what Zeo and his family is, nobodies. Every time this thought came up into his mind all Zeo could think to do is to cry since there was nothing more he could do. As he was crying once again out of fear for his life a woman walked up to him. She reached out her hand and wiped away his tears showing a smile filled with love.

    "Why so sad my son? Today is your birthday, try to enjoy it. I know it is hard to ask that of you seeing where we are but please try." This woman held him close before letting him go before leaving him she patted him on the head then continued her work. "Thanks mom. Even though we are like this i feel strong when you are with me." This person was originally called Melanie Teach, Zeo's biological mother. She was the rock within him since his father died a few years ago due to abuse. He was beaten to death in the town center since he fell ill and could no longer work. That was the same day that his mother stepped up and protected Zeo with all of her life. Life wasn't easy for them but the days continued on like every other day. Painful, that was the only word to describe them but either way he struggled on like the man he was. A man that his father once was until his brutal murder at the hands of the Donquixote Family.

    It wasn't the fact that his father died is what troubles him and his mother, it is the fact that they took the life of a family member. That is what made the situation worse every time the both of them remembered him. It is painful to remember, all of the pain in the world at once.

    (Present Day)
    Zeo had both of his swords in his hands at this point as the anger began to build up inside of him as the memories of his mother and father flowed through. "The pain, why won't you go away? Haven't i suffered enough already?" All of the memories of those days were flowing strong through Zeo as he continued on with his men. Little did his men know is that he was a ticking time bomb so this mission had to be done quickly. He then yelled out to his men as he knew some information that will make the invasion run smoother. "Men don't attack the palace itself, i can see that they built some villas up by the palace." They all looked back at him as he knew that the nobles had to be living in the villas. "Yes, attack the villas and if they nobles aren't there then I shall attack the palace by myself." Zeo held his swords as tightly as he could knowing this was his chance. He had to end all of the nightmares tonight before the sun rose so he could take over by sun rise. He then felt another flash back coming on as he then blacked out once again.

    (11 Years ago, Dressrosa, New World. May 17th)
    The sun shined on down onto the men as they worked hard cleaning the courtyard of the Dressrosa Palace. Zeo was bringing in everyone some water when he over heard something coming from the room where all the nobles were. "We have to eliminate some of the slaves or else our food supplies will run out. This embargo is not easy for us." Zeo stopped what he was doing as he continued to listen. "Yeah that pirate with a giant whale is blocking all of our trading routes. I forget what the crew's name is." Zeo felt a sudden fear come over him as he heard them plotting to kill many slaves. This is what made him worry the most about his mother and the others. He was just about to leave to warn the others when he heard them finish the planning behind he door. "We shall kill them tonight, seeing as it is to storm tonight so that should cover up their screams." All of the men began to laugh in the room as Zeo panicked and ran off to warn the others. While running all he could think about was getting himself and his mother out of here. Green Bit the island to the north would be the best shot of escape during a time like this. With the main iron bridge out it would be relatively easy for them to escape. The only issue would be out running the fish in that water. That was their only route of escape at this point to avoid being killed and jus survive on Green Bit. Survival was necessary for them all to make it out of here alive and live to tell the world about this place.

    Raindrops began to fall slowly and Zeo knew that they had to go now. This was bad since it was already raining which means that it could happen any time now. Bursting through a door he found his mother quickly and grabbed her by the arm. "We have to leave now mother! They plan to kill us tonight due to the embargo!!" His mother then got a shocked look on her face as she then picked him up and then ran outside. Even she knew that this was true or else she wouldn't be running away. "Listen to me Zeo, we must go without the others. We shall go with nothing and go hide on the northern part of the island." Zeo shook his head quickly then spoke to her about his plan. "We should go to Green Bit instead. The bridge may be out but that is our best shot." She looked at Zeo with a shocked look then smiled as she nodded and ran outside of the town. They reached a valley filled with flowers as they continued to run as they heard a bell ringing in the distance. Right after the bell sounds of gunfire was sounding through the land. The slaughter has begun as Zeo and his mother were running through the fields to safety. Whistles began to sound from behind Zeo and his mother as they heard a voice shout out into the distance. "There is a pair running through the fields! Catch up to them and execute them!" Zeo's mother began to panic as she ran faster and faster almost as fast as she could with Zeo in her arms. "Mother put me down, we can run much faster if we are standing on our own!" She refused to let Zeo down as she began to pick up her pace even more.

    The sound of the sea was in the distance as Zeo smiled at this fact. The soldiers were starting to get closer and closer to them. Zeo paniced and right as soon as that happend a shot was fired. Right after the sound Zeo's mother jerked a little then stumbled to the ground covered in blood on her head. Shaking his mother Zeo got no response as she was already dead from the one shot. "We got them! Check them to make sure both of them are dead and that there are no others with them!" The men started to get closer so Zeo acted fast and took his mother's blood and ripped open his shirt and covered his chest with it. Her blood was warm and it was the only thing to save him now. Once he made a bullet hold in his chest with the blood he played dead. He did this just in time as the men lifted his mother up and hit both of them with their guns. Once they finished the check the men yelled out to their commander. "They are both dead sir! Niether of them are moving nor breathing. Shall we move on sir?"

    "Yes, let's get a move on then report back to his majesty!" The men then marched off in a straight line while Zeo watched them disappear. Once they were gone Zeo sat up with his eyes filled with emptiness. Looking over at his mother's now dead body Zeo grabbed her arms and lifted her dead body onto his back. "Don't worry mother, I shall give you a proper burial on Green Bit. I shall be fine I promise. Rest in peace mother." Zeo then stepped into the water and began to swim across it. When he reached halfway he noticed that there were no sea creatures to be seen. Were they chasing out something else or were they killed as well. This didn't really matter to Zeo as he pulled his mother's corpse across the water to Green Bit. Once he go to the shore of Green Bit he lifted his mother up and dragged her off the shoreline and into the woods behind them. Stopping once behind the trees he set his mother down and sat down. "Looks like I finally made it here. Time for me to dig you a grave now. I'll make sure to make you a proper head stone as well." Reaching over to the other side of him he grabbed a large shaped branch. Standing up he then walked into the center of the area he was in and started to dig. Deeper and deeper he went the colder the ground had gotten to him. The temperature just dropped out of nowhere and he started to get cold since there was no sunlight in here.

    Once he figured the hole was deep enough Zeo stepped out of it and he walked over to his mother and lifted her up as much as he could. Walking her body to the hole he kept on thinking about the past time he spent with her. All of those years were now just memories and Zeo began to feel empty inside and filled with hatred. Setting his mother down in the hole he then covered up her body in the dirt. Once she was fully covered up he grabbed some medium sized sticks as he made a cross out of them with some vines. Placing the newly made cross into the ground he then stood up and looked down at the grave. "Sorry father, I was unable to protect her from them. Please forgive me, father." Looking away he then turned his back on the grave and headed over to a tree. The tree was sitting up off the ground with a house like area under it. Using this to Zeo's advantage he then crawled into there and laid down on the ground to try and keep warm. The rain was still coming down as hard as can be and it was only covering up Zeo's tears as he laid there. He was completely wet from head to toe and there was only one thing he could think of, Revenge. His mind drifted from being asleep into a wide awake feeling as he laid there on the cold ground. Revenge was on his mind the whole time as his body began to shiver from the cold as he remembered his mother and father.

    (Present day)
    The invasion of the villas went as planned but Zeo then lost sense of who he was. He jumped up into the air and lifed up one of his swords. "This kingdom must suffer for causing me such pain in the past! Sanjuroku Pound Ho!" He blasted a wall of the palace as he bursted in and charged down a hallway ready to kill any noble in his sight.

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