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    This is Day 8


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    This is Day 8 Empty This is Day 8

    Post by Nefarious on Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:19 pm

    Now that I'm awake again, I sure am hungry. Pandora arrives to the New World and she begins to surface. As the boat surfaces, the Coating pops. So hungry. Oh, what's that over there? Nefarious sees the Whole Cake Island. Is that a giant cake floating on top of the sea? He looks and stairs at the giant floating cake. Pandora!! Head for that cake. I am sure hungry and it looks mighty tasty. Pandora steers in the direction of the cake. I want to see if it's eatable, Pandora. They arrive at the cake and Nefarious immediately jumps off the boat onto the cake. He reaches down and grabs a hand full of frosting. Oh my, it tastes great!! He then eats another hand full. Meanwhile, there is a cake person walking. He sees Nefarious eating the island. Hey!! What are you doing? Nefarious just keeps eating as if he didn't hear the cake man. You there!! Stop that!! Nefarious still eats. Can't you read that sign there? It says, "No Eating The Island." Nefarious stops eating and looks at the cake man. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just so hungry and this Island looks and tastes so good. He looks at the cake man again. Oh, you. You look so good too. I must have a taste. Nefarious then walks towards the cake man. Wait...What!? No, stop!! What do you thing your doing? Nefarious stops and looks at the cake man. But, you look so tasty, I must have a bite!! No, Stop!! You can't eat me!! Nefarious takes a bite out of the cake man's hand. Ow!! Hey that hurts!! Stop that!! But, your so good. He then takes another and another. Ow!! I gotta get out of here. What do you think your doing? Are you insane or something? The cake man then runs, but Nefarious catches him and take yet another bite. Mmm...So tasty!! Then another bite. My foot!! You are crazy!! Nefarious then takes another bite and another. Fine!! Eat the Island, just leave me alone!! Nefarious then smiles and eats some frosting from the Island. Oh, I gotta go. I must find Zeo Teach!! As he walks back to his boat, he sees a sign. Whole Cake Island. So this ain't a cake? It tastes great for an Island. He then gets on his boat and sails away.

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