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    Post by Nami-Dreamer on Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:08 am

    Rp Name:Sarasu Zepher



    Starting Sea:West Blue

    Sarasu was raised in the marine life style, constantly raised and tempered to be a soilder in there militerstic play to keep threats to them in line, and to eliminate all who opposed them, this caused her to have a great disdain for her superiors, As she saw little point in killing before knowing, however she still ultimeltly joined there 'legion' when she came of age, though she serves faithfully, she would often get and punished for giving there prisoners extra food, or any other luxory, she evenually became a soilder of decent standing however, her leaders coudn't denine skill, thoug they could denie her kindness and so she was left as a foot soilder, fighting and cleaning the field of enemies in her captian's name.

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    Sarasu is normally seen as all smiles, however she can be undoubtedly cold, ruthless, and uncaring, and on occasion loves nothing more than to bring other people down in order to bring her own mood up, does not ask, but tells, what people 'will' do, she has sharp wit and sardonic remarks ready to spite others at a given moment. Her jokes tend to be ill-humored and cruel as can be, or ironic to the persons situation, enabling most anyone to get irritated with her, finds it humorous when there pushed far enough and attack her. She has a like of reading information of lost ruins and past civilizations, and finds them fascinating. Along with the callousness, however, she oddly displays childish and playful behavior, laughing and giggling excessively. Laid back and almost passive to those she likes, or refers to as good company.

    Because of how many times she's been back stabbed in her life She is very vengeful, and can hold grudges for extremely long periods of time Though she can be a person's best friend and ally if they manage to earn her trust, she isn't a very prideful person, and knows the limits of her powers, even as an Marine knowing a being can only go so far by them self, but also believing that an army of people unloyal to each other is just as bad as having only one person on your side, as such in her mind having one person on your side that's loyal and trustworthy is a million times better than having an army of backstabbers. In her heart she believes in doing what she perceives as the right thing, but often getting in the way of this is her tendency to be reckless and her not thinking of those around her when she implements her powers and plans into the equation


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    Post by Blakdeath on Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:58 am

    you are approved Wink

    welcome to the marines

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