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    Continuing Day 8


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    Continuing Day 8 Empty Continuing Day 8

    Post by Nefarious on Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:03 pm

    Pandora is now full grown, at a new length of eighteen feet. She is able to understand anything Nefarious says to her or to anyone else for that matter. Most tiger sharks loose there strips as they grow, but Pandora has some how managed to keep some of hers. She is also capable of feeding herself and will except being hand fed by Nefarious, she trust him more than anything, and would only except being hand fed from Nefarious. In fact, if anyone else tries, they just may loose a hand.

    Still sailing, hours later, Nefarious looks up and sees Green Bit in the distance. Look girl, we're almost to Dressrosa. Green Bit ain't to far from there. He then looks around his sail boat and sees he is running low on supplies. I think we should stop off at Green Bit for a moment and get some supplies, girl. Heading to Green Bit bit Pandora sees a family of sea turtles swimming below her. She dive down three feet and snatches one and eats it. She then grabs other. As she comes back to the top of the ocean, they arrive at Green Bit. Nefarious looks up and then looks at Pandora. Look, Pandora. We have arrived. As Nefarious leaps of is sail boat, he looks around, but sees no market. Well, there seems to be no market, not even a restaurant. He then walks for about, just looking at the ground and every once in awhile, he looks to see what might be in front of him. A few hours later, he looks up and sees a white dove resting on a grave marker. Nefarious then realizes that he is in the middle of a grave yard. "R.I.P Here Lies Zeo Teach's Beloved Mother" He then remembers that he doesn't have much further to get to Zeo Teach. He then turns around and starts walking back to his sail boat.

    Meanwhile, Pandora is swimming around catching fish and small sea turtles. As she eats, she sees Nefarious walking in the distance. Knowing he hasn't eaten in a while, she dives down and catches another fish. She then comes back up to the sail boat just as Nefarious is leaping back on. She throws the fish up onto the boat. Oh, thank you girl. I'm starving. He then cooks the fish after cleaning it and sets sail for Dressrosa.

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