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    Part 2 of Continuing Day 8


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    Part 2 of Continuing Day 8 Empty Part 2 of Continuing Day 8

    Post by Nefarious on Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:36 pm

    About two hours of sailing, Nefarious arrives at Dressrosa. Pandora, we have made it. Now you wait here while I go speak to Zeo Teach. Pandora leaps up and then dives into the ocean in search of something to eat. See you soon, girl. He then leaps of his boat and heads into town. Moments later he run into a civilian. Hello, could you tell me where Zeo Teach is staying? The civilian looks at Nefarious and give a smirk. Your not from around here are you? No, I'm not. What does that matter anyways? Well, because, if you were then you would know that he ain't here. Well, where is he? Who are you and what is your business with our King? My name is, Nefarious and I have come to join his crew. Oh, I see. Never the least, as I have already told you, he's not here. So, where is he? He is at Punk Hazard. Nefarious stands there for a moment. He stretches and then scratches his head. So, I've traveled all this way to find that he's not even here? I'm sorry, but he is not here. Nefarious then rubs his stomach. Well then, do you have something that I could eat? I haven't eaten in hours. Oh, yes. Come with me and I'll get you something to eat. Moments later they arrive at a restaurant. I've got no money. Oh, well then you can have some roman and I'll pay for it. Oh!? I'm not sure you have enough to pay for me. He then stuffs his face with roman. Moments later, Nefarious has eaten six bowls of roman and finishing off a seventh bowl. The civilian looks at he with an outstanding expression on her face. While he starts on the eighth bowl she pays for the roman. Don't give him any more, that is all I can afford. Nefarious finishes off the eighth bowl and looks at the civilian. Where did you say Zeo Teach is? He is at Punk Hazard, you better be off if your going to catch him. I mean who knows how long he's going to be there for. Nefarious then walks away, head back to his boat. Thanks for the roman. Before she could answer, he was gone. Moments later he arrives back at his boat. Pandora, I'm back. We have more sailing to do, girl. Pandora leaps up and splashes back into the ocean. Zeo wasn't even there. We're going to Punk Hazard, my friend. Pandora grab a fish and swallows it whole. Good idea girl, I should go fishing before I leave. He leaps onto his boat and grabs his fishing pole. A few minutes later he has caught six fish and a crab. Pandora dives down to catch a small sea turtle, then eats it, cracking it's shell and swallowing it whole. Minutes later, Nefarious catches three more crabs and five more fish. Well, this should do for now. He then sets sail for Punk Hazard.

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