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    Dirty Pirates and Bar fights


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    Dirty Pirates and Bar fights Empty Dirty Pirates and Bar fights

    Post by Averyion on Sat Dec 21, 2013 12:49 am

    Averyion was sitting at the bar minding his own business. Hit hand been a while since he could do this. Actually, he can even remember when he had relaxing time. The bartender asked what he would like.

    "Whiskey, and 4 shots of vodka."

    The bartender came back with his shots first and then his whiskey on the rocks. He made it to the grand line. Where he wanted to be. It took him a while and alot of troubles to get here. So far he is keeping his Fruit power a secret. It seems that people tend to want to fight for no reason. He wasnt that type of person to fight for no reason. he was slowly driving his whiskey and watching his back at the same time. Then he heard a little scuffle a couple of tables over.


    The guy just laughed. The woman that has just yelled stood up and was yelling some more.


    The man stood up. This made Averyion put his drink down. "Yea?! Im a PIRATE! Its what i was made to do doll! What are you going to do about it?!" He was laughing. the woman went to punch him. He caught the punch mid air and slapped the woman.

    "Sir, I dont advise that."

    The pirate that slapped the woman looked at Averyion. He took a double take. "I know you! Your Blue Fire Avery!" The man looked like he had seen a ghost. then proceeded to pull out his sword. Wait, Blue Fire Avery? Was this what he was being called? Really? Well.... This is a little bit awkward!

    "So you have heard of me... Then there will be no need to show you." Averyion took his seat and proceeded to drink his drink. the Pirate man then walked over to the table and slashed it as he was about to sit his drink down. Well, that was it, he had wasted his vodka shots. without standing up or looking up, Averiyon held out his hand. It engulfed in blue flames.  "Kagero.." The flame erupted from his hand and it the man in the gut sending him flying through the door.

    Then his two buddies seen fit to shot him. The bullets past right through him, leaving flaming holes in his chest. "Ouch..." Averyion made guns with his fingers, and and sent them flying as well.

    He walked over to the woman who looked shocked. Her lip was bleeding. He offered his hand to help her up. "Are you ok?" She grabbed his hand and twisted it around and handcuffed him. "Filthy Pirate! Your captured Averyion, I had been looking for you."

    "So you tricked me... Marine Scum!" How dare she?! Did she not know what, or who she is dealing with? "Big mistake.." Then his body began to heat up. Hotter and hotter. She spoke up. "Your flames wont melt the cuffs, they are specially made."

    "Who said anything about melting them?" His arms turned to flames and his hands slipped right out of the cuffs. He then turned around and faced the woman. Without even a word, flames erupted from his hands and engulfed the woman. She burned in her place and he walked out of the bar, drink in hand.

    As he walked out he noticed the other guys and just smirked. He was so close to his goal of Finding Zeo. He wasnt going to let anyone get in his way. Averyion went to a near by bench and sat down. He didnt really care for fighting. But that woman was vile enough to trick him? Really? That stupid Bitch! Thinking of this was getting him heated. Why would.. Nevermind. He really didnt want another episode. It seemed when he gets so mad that he blacks out his body erupts into flames and he becomes some sort of demon of fire. Some say its beautiful with his flames being blue but his power said different. But he remembers none of it and he seemed to be taking a liking to the town. It had bars. And seemed nice enough people. He got up and walked a little. Back to his mission. This town will be here later. He picked up a few supplies and started his journey again. Off to find Zeo.


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