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    Post by Mack on Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:57 am

    After a week of drifting on the ocean Lucas washed up on his first island as a pirate. Despite being gone so long and the island looking nothing like it used to there was no mistaking what this place was. His original home, Karate Island. The condition the town was horrible. Homes were caved in. Shops appeared to have been raided.

    The only thing that appeared to have stayed the same was the massive dojo in the center. For how long though is a different story. As there was a duo of marines, who were obviously corrupt, banging on the doors. After watching the events unfold for a bit it was clearly extortion. So Lucas walked over to the two marines who stood there extorting the citizens of Karate Island with full intent to murder them both.

    "Listen it's real simple pay a million beli a month as a tribute to Captain Cruz and you'll be protected from more pirate attacks."

    At this comment the two marines chuckled while the citizens snickered. They all knew that the pirate attacks were nothing but the marines out of uniform attacking whoever they saw.

    "You know that that's impossible for an island that hardly gets visitors anymore. There's hardly any citizens left here in the first place."

    At this point the other marine spoke up seemingly play good marine bad marine.

    "Look at it this way. Without the proper funds the marines can't do their jobs to protect you guys. Then what happens if pirates attacked. Everybody could get hurt and we wouldn't want that would we?"

    This is when Lucas walked in standing in between the older citizen and the two marines.

    "Who are you kid? If you know what's go-"

    He stopped mid-sentence when Lucas's foot found his jaw. Following the kick he dropped like lead, likely unconscious. The other marine took a second to process the sudden attack from the teen and that was all that was needed. Lucas promptly followed up by leaping into the air, grabbing the marine's head, and slamming it on his knee. That marine too fell quickly. Just like that the two marines were taken out in less than a minute.

    That wouldn't have been the end either had the elder citizen not put his hand when Lucas's foot was coming down towards the second marine's head.

    "They're not worth it. Come with me there is something I must give you."

    "Uhh okay."

    They walked to the back of the massive dojo the stood center of the island to a locked cellar. It looked old and rusty but it was nowhere near as weak as it looked. The three locks probably helped.

    "Those marines you fought where nothing. Just common foot soldiers. The only thing that made them a threat was who the follow. Cruz is a power hungry tyrant. So when he got his own branch here in Karate Island.....I don't think I need to say what happened."

    At this point the older male has unlocked both locks on the hinges and the one in the center. Not only this but swung open the water stained wood. Lucas and the other man whose name was still unknown begun their descent down into the cellar. The further down they went down the steps the more of murderous aura that could be felt. It was so strong that it seeps into a person's bones and in a normal man would have made a normal man run away long ago. Even people like Lucas who don't scare easily could feel the shivers it sent down their spine.

    "I'm sure you can feel it. The aura of this cellar originates from one object. The cursed sword known as the Reiki. The Reiki holds great power but it's up to the user to be able to draw it out. I'm giving this sword to you for safe keeping, I can understand if you don't want to take it though. After all, most of its owners have met an early ill-fated death."

    Lucas walked over to the long sword and picked it up. He expected it to be heavy with it being almost as long as his body but it was unexpectedly light. However, touching it increased the feel of its aura. It was as if it had a will of its own and it definitely wasn't a weak one. Just touching it made Lucas feel like turning slicing through the the old man and rampaging through the streets attack all that he sees. If he was any less determined he would have easily caved in to the swords will.

    "I'll take it."

    The two turned and walked back up the stairs of the cellar.

    "One last thing Cruz is a -"

    The old man was cut off mid sentence when a bullet found it's way in between his eyes. Falling back down the stairs leaving a blood trail in his wake. Lucas barely managed to react quick enough to split deflect the bullet with the sword in his hand. Something that wouldn't normally be in his list of possible feats.

    Not sparing a moment the marine at the top of the staircase had already started reloading when Lucas had reached the top of the staircase and sliced the soldier in record time. A time that Lucas normally wouldn't even have dreamed of achieving.

    Exiting the cellar and stepping back on to the dark green grass there were at least twenty or thirty marines standing around their rifles all pointed at the cellar entrance. In the middle was large bulky man standing at at least six feet. He was layered in muscles but that worked to Lucas's advantage. Not only was he a huge target but it was unlikely he have any speed.

    Not wasting any time Lucas ran straight forward cutting to the left at the last moment and unsheathing his new sword simultaneously. Before he knew it the massive mass of muscle had turnt, pulled out a pair of hook swords and started to bring them down. Abandoning his assault mid attack Lucas barely managed to dodge the two hooks that would have easily cut through his body at the speed they were going.

    The man straightened his posture and began to speak to the freshly retreated Lucas.

    "You're not one for manners I assume. I'm pretty certain you know who I am. If you want you can join my branch as a subordinate. I'll train you personally. All you have to do is go to the remaining citizens and gather 500 thousand beli from them."

    At this Lucas swung his sword grazing the nose of the marine captain. Drawing blood and obviously gaining the captains wrath.

    "No thank you. I don't work with scoundrels."

    "Have it your way."

    He turned to the soldiers behind him.

    "Kill him!"

    The rage evident in his voice.

    Marine Captain Cruz then walked away muttering something. Probably something about Lucas being a dumb brat who didn't deserve life. Nevertheless the marines followed their commander's orders. Raising their rifles once more pointing them at Lucas. As soon as they were about to fire Lucas ducked down, ran to the closest marine cluster and sliced through three of them quickly. Moving so quick that the marines couldn't get an aim on him. Lucas continued slicing away travelling random so as they can't predict his route.

    However at some point they decided that they should shoot regardless clear shot or not. Most shots missed harmlessly however one bullet managed to graze his left shoulder but that was all. The sword taking advantage of his momentary lapse of concentration took over. It's bloodlust infecting and controlling Lucas's physical body. Polluting his mind and transforming him into a mindless slave following its orders.

    Within a minute the all the marines had been taken care of. The bloodlust temporarily satisfied Lucas was left lost in the middle of a field painted crimson red. Using his newly reacquired body he walked away from the pile of corpses towards the direction he saw Cruz go to. Still clueless about how all the marines were taken down.

    After running for two or three minutes he saw Cruz in the distance walking to who knows where. Cruz must have somehow saw him out the corner of his eye since he started sprinting for no reason. Running after him Lucas had to push through multiple crowds of people. Eventually taking a side route. After breaking away from the crowd he took the high road. Going up some steps that lead to an eventual deadend. Seeing Cruz once more this time getting on a marine ship and setting sail.

    Cruz looked up towards Lucas, waved and shouted something that couldn't be made out. Regardless he was gone and unlikely to be coming back.

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