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    Rules of the rp


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    Rules of the rp Empty Rules of the rp

    Post by Brook on Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:58 pm


    Sure there are moments when the weak are picked on by those stronger than them, and quite frankly that happens in real life.

    Even though there are numbers in place that do most of the work there are still some rules that I would like to explain


    - You cannot attack anyone during your first post in a thread. You may however block attacks or defend someone.

    - People above 30k power cannot attack people below them unless they attack first or take offensive actions.

    - If a person takes more than 3 days to to reply in a BATTLE your attack is auto-hit, unless the person specified a valid reason for being absent in the coming period and you both agreed to wait. Please inform the members of the thread as well as the staff so we know.

    - You CANNOT edit a post in a battle thread after someone replied, and it is generally better to not edit any post in a thread where other people post because it can create discontinuity in the story.

    The Mays and May Nots

    * - May Post your Attacks and Defenses at Any Time within Reason.

    * - May Decide if attacks dealt upon your character is hit, within reason.

    *-May call upon Moderators to help decide the outcome of a post/fight

    * - May Describe your own character's attacks being initiated and your character's thoughts and feelings.

    * - May NOT decide whether "your" attacks does any type of damage or hit your opponent.

    * - May NOT control your opponent in any way. For instance, while you might love to write 'and he trembled at the awesome sight of Saint Sparalot', this would be abuse of control. Control should be minimal and used to facilitate the flow of the battle, not to bolster your ego or place your opponent in an unrealistic situation.

    * - May NOT use an attack that is not already stated in your character's profile.

    * - May say name of Special attack without giving out the technique within the post. Must describe attack and it must be justified. Saying "He used the mega big bang attack 2000" and say look in profile for effects will not fly. It shows bad Roleplaying skills...

    * - May NOT Metagame. All Metagaming should be avoided. This is where you adjust what you do IC to take account of what you either only know OOC, or want to do OOC.

    For instance, if your character does not know that someone is psychic, then OOC you read his or her profile and put up a psychic barrier IC without good cause.

    * - May NOT portray your opponent unrealistically. That is, do not portray them like some idiot that meekly accepts your attacks and then begs for mercy. (Which means you have no control of what your opponent can do!)

    * - May in the first initial post as a setting creature make what is needed in the setting with as much detail as possible.

    * - May NOT add more items in the setting after the initial post, nor may an opponent add or change anything stated. This means that if an Electrical device was not stated there was not one, if a roof were not stated it was slanted in the first post then it would be a straight horizontal roof.

    * - May Move to another area to try and have a landscape benefit towards them but still must follow the first initial post rule.

    * - May NOT attack in the first post upon entering a thread. There are certain exceptions to the rule. If you're in a fight and somebody runs while in the middle of it, you can give chase and attack them wherever they end up.

    Important Note - If anyone is seen godmodding and controlling people in a situation where they don't have authorization from the parties involved they will be docked

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