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    introduce your self.

    monkey.d luffy( gen)
    monkey.d luffy( gen)

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    introduce your self.  Empty introduce your self.

    Post by monkey.d luffy( gen) on Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:05 am

    hi im monkey d luffy, and im the maker of this rp, which is helped runned by brook. in rp im known as monkey d shanks,and i have the hie hie fruit,which is the ice one. but now back to me. i love anime, my favorite anime would be as listed. one piece, bleach, naruto, all the gundam. fma pokemon, digimon. db dbz and dbgt. sailor moon. ronin worrier, soul eater. and i have a lot more but it would take too long to mention. i love ramen,and love watching movies.
    Kaycee the Bolt
    Kaycee the Bolt

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    introduce your self.  Empty Re: introduce your self.

    Post by Kaycee the Bolt on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:32 pm

    Might as well do this so that I'm not one of those unknown people. Hi, I'm Pirate Kaycee, or just Kaycee. I'm one of the mods of this forum and will be assisting the other mod(s) and admins. In rp, I'm known as Nina Tide and I have the Goro Goro fruit, which is the lightning one and that may come as a...wait for it...shock to you. lol...moving on. Like everyone else on here, I love anime and my favorites are: Bleach, Naruto, Soul Eater, Pokemon, Digimon, all of the DB-DBGT, I honestly once liked Sailor Moon but I had to stop liking it because it worried my mom o.o, Sword Art Online, and IGPX. Chinese food, American food, Italian food, French food (hon hon hon) are my favorites. If you like movies, we are best buds because I simply adore them.

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