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    Albert "Al" Blood

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    Albert "Al" Blood Empty Albert "Al" Blood

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    RP Name: Albert "Al" Blood

    Age: 18

    Class: Agile

    Starting Sea: East Blue

    Bio: Albert was the son of a famous pirate hunter named Roger Blood.  He was a peaceul and good child growing up. He always wanted to be a marine, because he liked marines and justice. He was a happy kid. But that all changed, and Al became a person full of hatred. It happened because his beloved father was killed by a pirate, when Al was 12 years old. Since then, he's been training and planning to go out into the sea and journey. He was no longer the kid who wanted to be a marine. He wanted to go out and kill pirates as a pirate hunter. He wants to kill as many pirates as he can find, and avenge his dad by killing the pirate that killed his dad. He believes that pirates are evil people, and what he does as a pirate hungrr is good, because he's banishing sources of evil. he's also doing what he had always wanted to do as a marine, but as a pirate hunter, sunve he also dislikes marines. He is now beginning his journey as an independent pirate hunter, into the sea, the East Blue.

    Appearance: Albert is a man of a little above average height. He's somewhat muscular, with toned muscles which aren't too bulky. He ha blood-red hair that is slicked back except for one thick strand that falls to his face. He has green eyes and usually a serious expression on his face. He can be seen smiling sometimes, but his smile doesn't exactly radiate happiness. Al usually wears a light red V-neck t-shirt and black shorts, although he also wears jeans at times.

    Personality: Albert is usually a serious individual who's very devoted to his goals. His heart is filled with hatred toward not just the pirate who killed his father, but pirates in general. He believes that pirates are evil people and should be killed. He takes it as his duty and goal to kill pirates and avenge his father. He isn't all consumed by hatred, as he does show mercy and compassiton, but not too often. Al is dedicated to his training and goals. He is also laid back, when he's not training, and likes to learn about the world, except for pirates. His mood is somewhat good and happy when he's not thinking of pirates, but when he thinks of them or is reminded of them, it tends to be dark.

    Position: Pirate Hunter

    Race: Human
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