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    fighting style/move template

    monkey.d luffy( gen)
    monkey.d luffy( gen)

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    fighting style/move template  Empty fighting style/move template

    Post by monkey.d luffy( gen) on Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:27 pm

    now i made this,cause i know there are a lot of cool moves out there to be thought of,and i do not just want you to think that you just have to use devil fruits to have cool moves, so he is a example, even tho its a devil fruit. now when you make the move and if its approved,you do not auto get, you must do at least 15 sc to learn it.

    name: monkey,D shanks

    devil fruit owned. hie hie fruit.

    attack name. ice spikes

    type: instant

    number of post: none

    description of move: making his arm get covered in a thick layer of ice,shanks then hits the ground as hard as he can,when he dose all the ice that was on his arm shoots into the ground then shoots back up as spikes.

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