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    All Part of the Plan: Step into Mariejois

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    All Part of the Plan: Step into Mariejois Empty All Part of the Plan: Step into Mariejois

    Post by Luke Morgan on Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:18 am

    Coming down the river going up near the golden city of Mariejois that was home to several World Nobles and the World Government. Many people began to scream in fear of Luke Morgan and his crew roaming up into the city. Parking at a dock Luke jumped off the ship and onto the ground as two marines charged in at him with swords. He then activated his Devil Fruit and let them pass right through him as he then turned to them. "If that is the best this place can offer then you are all doomed."

    A marine then walked up with a jacket draped over his shoulders and began to approach Luke with a face of confidence. The man then stopped before Luke as the two faced each other with the face of death in each other's eyes. "You pirates are all the same, attacking all things we consider peace!" Luke just stood firm and activated his black flames as the man then shivered at the sight of those flames. "I see you remember these flames from Blackbeard. Good memory!"

    Luke then made the flames cover his back and his other arm as he prepared to battle the Marine with all of his power. "If you all do not meet my demands i shall flatten this city and kill everyone here! Now either back down or die!" Some people in large black suits then appeared behind the marine and pulled him to the side. One of them then stepped forward and spoke to Luke. "Hold on, no need to destroy this city. We have lost enough lives on Dressrosa. What are your demands?"

    Luke then stood up straight but kept his Devil Fruit activated just in case this was a move to get him to drop his guard. "Make me a Shichibukai and a list to all of the World Nobles left in the world. In exchange I shall protect them." All of their eyes got wide as they then got a serious look on their face. "What could you being a Shichibukai do to benefit you?" Luke just smiled as he knew how to answer this even though it wasn't fully thought out.

    "To exact my revenge on Zeo Teach, I became a pirate to take my revenge on him. The ranks Shichibukai will help with my goal and benefit you all as well. So what do you say? Deal?" The men huddled together and began to debate on the situation at their mist. They conversed for a short while before turning and finally giving the answer to the moment at hand. "Very well, you shall be from this day forth a Shichibukai. Please do come with us while we finish the main work." Luke then followed behind the men back to the main offices to finish the paperwork.

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