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    Continuing Day 3


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    Continuing Day 3 Empty Continuing Day 3

    Post by Nefarious on Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:45 am

    As Nefarious rows his boat down the river, he stuffs his face with the last bit of food left on his boat. Oh my, that was quite good. Pandora, we're going to need more food!! Pandora swims up head to snatch a fish in the water and then other. Well done girl. I see you haven't forgotten how to feed yourself. Now, what are we going to do about our lack of food? Just then Pandora speeds up and starts dragging the boat. Woe!! What's your hurry, girl?He looks up and in the near distances he see Alabasta. Oh, good idea Pandora!! Ten minutes later they arrive at Alabasta. Oh, I'm so hungry. Pandora catches other fish and then pulls the boat to the nearest dock. I'm going to tie the boat down right here. I'll be right back girl, gonna find me something to eat!! He sees a restaurant and begins running. Meanwhile there is a World Nobles man standing in the restaurant. Oh, I'm hungry. What should I... Gomu Gomu no Rocket!! There is a crash. The man goes flying through a wall. Hungry, Hungry, Hungry!! Food, Food, Food!! The waiter looks at Nefarious. What!? Look what you have done!! Oh, what kind of place do you run here? What are you talking about? You did this!! Is this a hobbie of yours? Hey!! What did you do that for? Nefarious just keeps eating. Hey, you there!! Nefarious shoves more food into his mouth. STOP EATING!! Then more food is shoved into his mouth. ANSWER ME!! Oh my!! I gotta get out of here!! Nefarious then shoves the rest of the food into his mouth and runs. That kid never payed me. Hey, KID!! Nefarious just keeps running. Pandora, I'm back!! Oh boy, I'm stuffed. He then decides to add on to his boat. A small cabin to stay dry, in case of rain. Let's see, I still have a bit of wood in my boat. I wonder if I could find more. I would need to make my boat bigger for a cabin. He looks around for wood and spots some near shore. This will do fine. Don't you agree Pandora? She swims towards Nefarious and jumps up as if to agree. Now, lets get started. Thirty minutes later he finishes making his boat bigger. Now for the cabin. I thing I'll add a sail as well!! He looks for a cloth big enough for a sail and sticks strong enough to support the sail. He then builds the cabin and attaches the sail. An hour later, he finally finishes his boat. It looks like we're off to Kuraigana Island. First I shall sleep and rest up. Good night, Pandora. You behave yourself now. She jumps up and swims around as if she understands Nefarious. She then goes to sleep. That's a good girl. Nefarious then lets out a load fart. Oh!! That was a bit funny.

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