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    A new base: Home of the Red Scar Pirates


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    Landing on the shore all of the men placed on winter gear as they stepped onto the island. Zeo followed behind his crew with his first mate at his side. Once Zeo and Ace were on the ground a man emerged in front of the entire pirate crew standing firm before them. Zeo looked up at the man dead in the eye to figure out who he was. Looking at the man's side he saw one of the legendary swords that once belonged to Roronoa Zoro before his demise by the marines. Speaking out Zeo was concerned on how a man like him got a hold of that sword. "That sword, it's the Sandai Kitetsu. It was one of Roronoa Zoro's sword. How did you get it?" The man drew it out and held it out before looking up at Zeo and smiling. "I took it off his grave. What do you plan to do about it? This is my island and if you want to be here and take this sword. Kill me!"

    Zeo held his arm out to signal to his men to stand down as he drew out his own sword. He held it up in a fencing style to prepare to mount an attack. "Very well, once you fall here i shall take that blade and conquer this island!" Lifting the sword vertical to his face then charged in at a break neck speed and clashed with the man. Both of them stood strong for a moment then Zeo gave him a great push with all of his might then held his sword out. While his sword was out he lifted his left hand next to his sword then spoke to the man. "Sorry but i do not have all day to play with you. Say good-bye, Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri!" Slashing at the man's neck the stranger fell to the ground gasping for air. Zeo cut through the man's airway and most of his main arteries in his neck. The man struggled on the ground for a short while before finally dying from the wound moments after it happened. Blood continued to pour from the corpse as Zeo sheathed his sword then turned to the man. Looking down on the corpse he bent down and grabbed the sword and sheath off the body and placed the sword back in the sheath. Standing up he then turned to his men and gave them a direct order on the final take over of the island. "Men! I want most of you to raise the biggest flag with our jolly roger on it in the center of the island." Some men grabbed parts to a pole and one had a flag as they ran off. Zeo stood strong with two swords and his new island, he felt accomplished more than most captains.

    "Captain, we need to head somewhere indoors for a short while. The island's weather is unpredictable to us right now." Zeo nodded and allowed the order for men with little amount of winter protection on to return to the ship. He then watched as he saw his flag with the jolly roger go up in the dead center of the island. "Good, now that the flag is up i need some men to follow with me to those mountains. We are going to build us a fortress here!" The men cheered as Zeo walked off with his pack of men to explore this island and build his paradise.

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    Nina, after hearing the endearing words from Aiden, turned back around to face him. A smile was on her face, replacing the frown from before. It seems that their decisions were set. She then went back to steer the ship and told Aiden, "Alright, guess we'll be searching for a new crew. What do you say we take a trip through the Grand Line to find the right one? Not only will it give us a better chance of getting to know each other, but we will be able to learn new things that we couldn't before. Hm, I have my map back in the cabin. You can go ahead and pick a place on there that is in the Grand Line sea, and then I'll take it from there."

    She then quieted herself and went back to driving the ship down it's current path through the great ocean.

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